Scented Pleasures Of Perfume Making

perfume-bottleExtracting deliciously fragrant odours from plants and flowers and adding them to the skin is perfume. People have used fruits and flowers, to create loved smells for centuries. These smells are preserved with oils. Recipes for perfumes are as important as gold coins; guarded as closely.

The simple process for making scent or perfume is the same whichever recipe is used. The simplest scents mixed are alcohol, essentially scent oils and sterilised water. The oil must be blended slowly into the alcohol, a drop at a time. Mix slowly and long enough for the oils to be completely blended together. Let the mixture of essential oils and alcohol stand untouched for two days. Now add the sterilised water and again, add it slowly until totally blended.

The perfume now needs to mature for at least three weeks in a cool dark place. Once the perfume has been allowed to mature three weeks you can begin the filtering process. Filter the perfume through a porous filter to remove any sediment. Store the perfume in a colour glass bottle with a topper.

There are plenty of perfume making kits available and they are quite inexpensive, especially when you consider how much a bottle of perfume can cost.


Perfume making is a billion dollar industry. The ownership of aromatic smells has sent travellers around the world in search of exotic plants with aromatic fragrances. The making of perfume is the capturing of these odours in oils and alcoholic liquids; vodka is favourite and distilled water. These additives act as preservatives. The use of dark containers is popular for the longevity of perfumes.

Quick Tips for Making Perfume

1. Cut your favourite flowers and remove the petals from the stem. Place the blooms in oil, tighten the lid and let it sit for a few weeks. The oil will absorb the scent of the flowers. Use odourless oils so the blossoms will be the only fragrance.

2. Strain any petals or other residue from the oil then dispense it into the container. The use of essential oils from health food outlets will add punch to your perfume. These products can also be ordered online.

3. Use bottles designed for perfume or use bottles with tight lids. Clean jars with under coated lids. These get especially tight and hold the odour of the perfume inside, making it last.

4. Use scented oils from a bottle; pour a 40- 60 measurement of oils, vodka, and let sit for two days. Now add a bit of water and let sit for another day. Strain and you are in business with a fun and potent fragrance.


Some people use water mixed with a touch of alcohol, others use oil. Either method works fine. The most important thing in perfume making is patience and choosing fragrances, you really like. Making perfume is great for people with allergies. Boil or soak materials chosen for perfume. The method chosen depends upon the amount of time you are willing to invest.


Some people are allergic to citrus and various oils. The use of fragrance depends upon the level of tolerance of the user. Nevertheless, perfume making products made naturally are healthier for the body.