Creating Unique Scatter Cushions For Your Home

Scatter cushions, like curtains not only serve a decorative purpose but also a functional one too, however, they aren’t quite as essential as curtains or blinds. Cushions often help make uncomfortable chairs more comfortable and they can give additional support where needed. There’s also the decorative side to having them.

Generally, scatter cushions are fairly cheap to buy. If you want something a bit special however you will have to pay more. It’s wrong to think they are only scatter cushions, no one will notice if they’re a bit inferior. “My Settee cost the earth, so I will buy some cheap scatters from Dunelms!”. Believe me, we will notice! The fact you have bought inexpensive scatter cushions to dress your expensive settee will only make the settee look cheap. It doesn’t make the cheap cushions look expensive at all.

When visiting family or friends and asked to take a seat, I always notice the scatters and move them to the back of the settee for support to my back. They play an important role in your home in adding comfort and colour. At one time it was conventional to have two scatters on the settee and one on each of the two chairs, same fabric and size. There were certainly none in the bedroom, but that has all changed.

Scatter cushions can no be different designs, shapes and sizes. They bring cheer to all of your living areas. So break with convention and buy some bright and either buy or create some bright and colourful scatters.

Recently I’ve begun making scatters myself and I’ve found upholstery fabric so far is one of the best materials for the job. The fabric is obviously more durable and you can get some really nice designs. I’ve had varying success buying cheap upholstery fabric off of Ebay, it’s not always the right colour, not the quality and the service isn’t always that good.

There are a few other places online that sell upholstery fabric online. I’m looking for clearance or discount upholstery fabric mainly as the current lines are quite a lot more expensive so that narrows my search down a bit. A good site I’ve found fairly recently and where I’ve started to buy my fabrics from is Selby Soft Furnishings. The quality is superior to what I’ve had off Ebay and the prices are more than reasonable. I definitely recommend them. You can use curtain fabric though if you prefer.

scatter cushion from selby soft furnishings

Oh and there’s a guide for making scatter cushions on there too. It’s a pretty basic design admittedly but it’s a nice guide if you’re just starting out. You can view the guide here.

My scatter cushions will be a little bit more complicated than that. Mine will include a zip and piping. I haven’t found a good guide for that yet, but if I do I will put it on here.